Pilsen Regional Council Commissions

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Council Commissions

Pilsen Regional Council Commissions

Pursuant to Section 80 of Act No. 129/2000 Coll., on Regions, as amended, the Council sets up commissions to act as advisory and initiative bodies. The commissions submit their opinions and proposals to the Council. Decisions are passed based on a vote by a majority of commission members, and the commissions are accountable to the Council for all their actions.

Pilsen Regional Council Commissions (term of office: 2016 – 2020) established based on Pilsen Regional Council Resolution no. 163/17 on 23 January 2017:

   1.  Commission for Legal and Legislative Affairs – Chair: Zbyněk Holý
   2.  Commission for Security and Rescue System – Chair: Jan Poduška
   3.  Commission for the Arts, Culture and Landmark Preservation Chair: Světlana Budková
   4.  Commission for Social Affairs and National Minorities Chair: Pavel Karpíšek
   5.  Commission for Rural Renewal - Chair: Jan Bostl
   6.  Commission for an Open RegionChair: Jan Honomichl
   7.  Commission for Partner Regions and European Affairs – Chair: Jiří Šneberber
   8.  Commission for Cooperation with Non-Profit Organisations Chair: Jan Šašek
   9.  Commission for Sports – Chair: Jan Kůrka
  10. Commission for the Environment, Agriculture and Flood Protection – Chair: Petr Smutný